5-HIAA (5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid), Plasma (*Collected with ISI’s Z-tubeTM) NYS DOH Approved tests PFI#9065

Clinical Significance:
The ISI plasma 5-HIAA assay correlates well with the 24-hour urinary 5-HIAA assays. This test has been clinically validated for NETS patients who previously relied on the 24-hour urinary 5-HIAA. The plasma 5-HIAA saves time, alleviates the need to collect urine in a container for 24 hours, and provides equivalent clinical information.

Reference Range:
Up to 22 ng/mL

5-HIAA plasma is measured by GC-MS/MS.

Patient Preparation:
Patient should fast overnight prior to collection of specimen.

Specimen Collection:
Collect 10mL blood directly into ISI’s Z-tubeTM Preservative and separate as soon as possible. Freeze plasma immediately after separation. Special Z-tubeTM Preservatives are available from ISI. Minimum specimen size is 1mL. Note: one Z-tubeTM may be shared for up to three tests. After centrifuging tube, aliqout 1mL per test in separate vials, mark with name of test and freeze.

Important Precaution:
Specimens for this assay must be collected using ISI’s Z-tubeTM. Specimens must be shipped frozen; specimens are not stable refrigerated or ambient. No substitute preservatives are acceptable.

Special Specimens:
*Frozen Z-tubeTM plasma is the only acceptable sample type for this assay.

Shipping Instructions:
Ship specimens frozen in dry ice.

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