Neuroendocrine Tumor (NETs) Diagnostic Testing

Providing continuity of service for rare Endocrinology and Gastroenterology testing since 1969
is still the hallmark of Inter Science Institute.

Read more about these conclusions about ISI’s Pancreastatin assay providing valuable information for patients at high risk of recurrence and accurately detecting progression.

Diabesity Related Testing

In addition to being in the forefront of NETs testing, ISI is proud to offer a wide range of testing to provide physicians and researchers critical diagnostic and monitoring tools in the field of obesity and diabetes. Our menu includes:

  • Ghrelin
  • GLP_1 
  • NPY
  • CCK
  • AgRP
  • PYY
  • Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone, Alpha (a-MSH)

Please contact us ( if you need additional information about these tests. 

5-HIAA assay is now available on plasma EDTA or (Z-tubeTM) from ISI

New test available for patients: the 5-HIAA assay is now available on plasma EDTA or (Z-tubeTM) from ISI. Click here to see the requirements.

Just added: GLP-1 Assay is now fully validated for clinical use

C.U.R.E.® Catalogue

The C.U.R.E.® Catalogue lists over 150 individual assays, that can be performed on plasma/serum, urine, CSF, Saliva, and other fluids in the areas of:

  • G.I. & Pancreatic Tests
  • Hypertension, Corticosteroid, & Mineralocorticoid Tests
  • Hypothalamic-pituitary Axis & Releasing Factor Tests
  • Multi-disciplinary Tests
    Pediatric & Enzyme Deficiency Tests
  • Reproductive Endocrinology & Gonadal
  • Steroid Tests
  • Thyroid Tests

Please contact ISI for the most up-to-date testing availability.

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For the Most Recent Edition of the C.U.R.E.® (Current Unique and Rare Endocrine) Catalogue please contact the Institute at:

ISI is the leader in neuroendocrine tumors (NET's) Biomarker Testing

Updated with ICD-10 codes

Since 1969, our cutting-edge esoteric services to the medical, research, and academic communities, Inter Science Institute specializes in research and development emphasis in the area of Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET’s). The current 5th edition handbook, Neuroendocrine Tumors: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis and Management, is available for download on this website or by contacting ISI at

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